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Light It Up!

Are you planning an event, but can’t figure out how to get that “Wow” factor you’re looking for? Up lighting, from Event Lighting Rentals Atlanta, could be the solution to your problem. Up lighting has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. It is especially popular for wedding receptions and other events that might be in a smaller room. You might have heard of up-lighting, but are not totally sure what it is. Well, it is exactly as it sounds: lighting fixtures that face upward. It might sound simple, but the impact that up lighting can have on your event is huge. Just take a look at the pictures below of before and after up lighting:

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As you see, up lighting can turn what could be a boring, dull room into a beautiful, colorful and fun space.

It can enhance a space by: 

  • Adding color (you can even pick a color to match your event décor)
  • Making a room appear taller
  • Highlighting architectural features, such as columns or alcoves
  • Enhancing ambiance

You might look at the pictures above and think that to light up a room like that it has to be costly, but with the LED technology that Impact Events Atlanta uses, it can easily fall within your event budget. We use the brightest, most compact and ultra-smooth LED lights on the market that can give you the lighting you want for the price you need. Impact Events offers everything from LED lighting of different sizes to mounted lights to lighting with effects and even holiday lighting. Go to this page on our website to check out the PDF showing the variety of lighting event rental options we have. Impact Events wants to help make your event spectacular. In addition to providing you with the lighting for your event, we can also provide the sound equipment you need, pipe and drapery, and can even provide entertainment through a live DJ, a karaoke set-up or live band. Call us for your upcoming wedding, corporate event or party and we’ll make it great! 

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