Festival Event with Pipe and Drape Display

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Upcoming  Hoi Cho Mua Fall Festival

Upcoming Hoi Cho Mua Fall Festival

Impact Events is excited to announce our upcoming pipe and drape display and sound rental for the Hoi Cho Mua Fall Festival, a three-day event, with an astonishing 35,000 festival-goers! Their annual Fall Festival is known to Vietnamese communities nation-wide, and is a main staple of Vietnamese Catholic communities in the Southeast United States. Come enjoy the diverse music, delicious food, and rich culture at the 2014 Fall Festival this August 29 through August 31, 2014.

And catch our pipe and drape display and see what event consultants like, “Stylish Moments by Kaj” mean, when they say, “Amazing job of lighting up the entire evening with beautiful lighting and drapery.  We were wondering if this evening pool wedding was going to turn out as we’d planned and Impact really blew this one out of the park.”

Impact Events offers and rents LED lighting of different sizes, to mounted lights, to lighting with effects, and even holiday rental lighting. No party is too small!  Most people don’t realize the value of spending a minimal amount on pipe, drapery and lighting to make a party complete.  Our affordable pipe and drape displays can make a huge difference in creating a unique wedding, a stylish conference or special party. Call us at 404-310-3959

Pipe and Drape Rentals Atlanta

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From Drab to Beautiful

Impact Events of Atlanta is your one-stop shop to bring your event or party from drab and boring to dressy and alive.  In our last blog, we told you how up lighting can change a space.  Now, we want to tell you a way that you can make that space even more amazing.

 Pipe and Drapery Atlanta

 The above picture is of a wedding reception.  What stands out to you?  The head table, right?  The reason is because of the classy wedding pipe and drape rental set up behind it. 


This is another example of pipe and drapery on a stage set for a band.  Pretty cool,  huh? 

Pipe and drapery, or simply fabric separators, consist of a steel base, pipes and fabric draped on, and the impact is amazing.  Can you imagine the stage above with just a black background? 

Pipe and drapery is great for corporate events as well, because it is cost effective, easy to set up, and can be set up in a variety of ways.  Here are some of the ways people use pipe and drapery for events:

–       Stage backdrops (as pictured above)

–       To highlight a particular area of a room (such as the head table in the first picture)

–       As room dividers

–       To make large, empty spaces such as meeting halls, corporate events, or auditoriums more intimate, and drapery can even help with acoustics in these spaces

–       To hide distracting or unsightly features

–       As a backdrop for photo shoots

–       To add color

Pipe and drapery is often used for weddings and receptions, concerts, plays and company events.  Impact Events of Atlanta offers different size sets ups for the pipes so it will fit to your size space and we offer a variety of colors.  To see our list of inventory, visit our website: https://impacteventsatlanta.com/events/.  You will click on the “Check out our complete rental list” link.

If you have a wedding, an Easter play, a company party or any type of event coming up, call Impact Events of Atlanta. Our experienced staff of event experts can ease clients through the selection process to ensure a customized, personalized, and unforgettable event.  Our pipe and drapery is just the beginning of what we can offer to make your event amazing.  Call us today and we can help you get your event from drab to beautiful! 404-310-3959.  We are located in Atlanta, GA and serve the greater Atlanta metro area.

Impact Events Atlanta 404-310-3959

Lighting Event Rentals Atlanta-Light It Up

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Light It Up!

Are you planning an event, but can’t figure out how to get that “Wow” factor you’re looking for? Up lighting, from Event Lighting Rentals Atlanta, could be the solution to your problem. Up lighting has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. It is especially popular for wedding receptions and other events that might be in a smaller room. You might have heard of up-lighting, but are not totally sure what it is. Well, it is exactly as it sounds: lighting fixtures that face upward. It might sound simple, but the impact that up lighting can have on your event is huge. Just take a look at the pictures below of before and after up lighting:

Credit Midwest Sound

*Picture courtesy of www.midwestsound.com

As you see, up lighting can turn what could be a boring, dull room into a beautiful, colorful and fun space.

It can enhance a space by: 

  • Adding color (you can even pick a color to match your event décor)
  • Making a room appear taller
  • Highlighting architectural features, such as columns or alcoves
  • Enhancing ambiance

You might look at the pictures above and think that to light up a room like that it has to be costly, but with the LED technology that Impact Events Atlanta uses, it can easily fall within your event budget. We use the brightest, most compact and ultra-smooth LED lights on the market that can give you the lighting you want for the price you need. Impact Events offers everything from LED lighting of different sizes to mounted lights to lighting with effects and even holiday lighting. Go to this page on our website to check out the PDF showing the variety of lighting event rental options we have. Impact Events wants to help make your event spectacular. In addition to providing you with the lighting for your event, we can also provide the sound equipment you need, pipe and drapery, and can even provide entertainment through a live DJ, a karaoke set-up or live band. Call us for your upcoming wedding, corporate event or party and we’ll make it great! 

Impact Events Atlanta

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